2015 m. vasario 2 d., pirmadienis

Nothing is nothing (and the way around).

Everything started with a glass of Chardonnay ...

It's not about ME. (Just in case.) Because ME is the most  important these days.

It's just against the everyday modern life.

I met J. when both of us been working in the same  big company almost four years ago. At that time I didn't know that it's going to grow in such a great friendship. And jeah, it started with a glass of Chardonnay.

I may be a freak to you,but doesn't it make you a freak to me?

We love art. J. loves classical music but I'm more like a Rock n Roll and visual art type of girl. Both of use has kind of a similar thinking about major things,but we are making completely different choices in life. She is a strongly focused girl looking for studies in business area, and I just took one year part time holiday from 7 days a week modern slavery life.

Always had that feeling... That something is not right with the world,and i guess that now is the time to slowly explain to you what's going wrong.

As an artist myself im floating in between yes and no. Between good and bad,right and wrong,black and white... It took me a while to make a choice if I want to see things I was trying to be blind for so many years. J. told me that these past year was a good choice for me couse I changed a lot and i actually proved so much to myself, witch is true.This blog is gonna grow into reality of money,living,pollution,education and last but not the least - religion, I'm ready for a move and I have no clue how its gonna end. That's what makes it so exciting.


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