2015 m. birželio 16 d., antradienis

I didn't know where to go until....

...I reached a crossroad.
Then I realised that I could go basically anywhere my feet would take me.

One and a half year I spent in a small box, trying to think outside of it, till finally the box locked my body inside without any light coming through the windows. One good thing about it is, that I didn't let my thoughts to be locked as well. It was an experiment, that let me learn how to live with a small amount of money,small amount of people around me and helped me to gain self confidence of living on my own. It was an interesting period of my life , but I guess it always comes a time to move on and explore "new waters".

Today was a day when I went for a walk. Just like that. Got out of my bed and walked for about an hour just around the area realising how many things I never noticed when I was rushing to the bus,going to the shop or anywhere else,just because every single journey of my life so far had a destination I was always seeking or thinking that things just has to be this way.

The problem is, that in the end, most of us are never sure of what the final destination (not talking about the movie) we see in the end of our road. Trying is the best way to win the race of life. And even if you cannot fulfill all of your goals,even if you don't know what they are, trying to figure it out makes a difference. It gives you a possibility to walk there where no one else managed to go.

As long as you see things around you, and you feel that it is a right thing to do - go for it.
Just don't forget,that the journey may be even better than the place you are planning to visit. Enjoy it, otherwise there is no point to run for the prize.

Erika 16/06/2015

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