2015 m. rugsėjo 28 d., pirmadienis

No road too long.

One thing for sure. Ur not gonna go far if ull stay in bed forever.
I always knew that the World is a big place,but just only recently finally managed to put it in my head that the time for traveling and exploring is now,not just next year or "maybe some day",as we usually say for almost everyone and for anything.
Sounds funny, but one of the biggest "kick ass" was "Sex and the City". An old TV series that ive seen once long time ago and now watching with a new sense of understanding. Bloody hell, that comedy really represents what friendship,relationship and adventures actually means in our world. The best thing about it is, that actors in that series does have problems. Real ones,not just broken nails and perfect make up fails like mostly in modern life movies. In the end of the day, comedy is how we could call our real lives. Damn, if most of us istead of complaining over a broken car could just call a friend and say, dude im somewhere close to the end of the world waiting for u to bring me whiskey and give me a ride home, world would be a better place to live in. And there would be more exciting things to remember...
I may not be an early bird for the last 5 years of my life but the least I can do is enjoy the nights and afternoons with a rocking music and a big smile splashing the colours on the empty canvas. Canvas is another definition for life. Im never 100% happy with my paintings,but one thing for sure- I am proud, couse I create, and do mistakes I know I will try to escape next time. U live and learn. And bit by bit mixing the colors of life ,u create something whats only saint for you and the closest people around you. You create the painting worth millions. Not money wise. Its just a million of memories put together enjoying what every day brings.
Carpe diem.
There is no road too long to reach your goals.
Good luck x.

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