2015 m. spalio 1 d., ketvirtadienis


I dont really write in the morning... Or read, or eat, or do anything else but sleep. Well, today is the day that lets inspiration flow.
How often does it happen that we feel happy over the silly things that we usually forget after a spilled coffee. Quite often. I would say all the time.
I really admire my friend D. She remembers every small funny and dramatic thing that happened to her (or us together for that matter) since probably her birth. Memory is a great gift. It is something that lets you go through the things that stayed behind. Lately natural memories been replaced with short videos, selfies and other stuff that crowns our youth and everyday life. Unfortunatelly it is getting harder and harder to realise which one of the events in the pictures are real. It all evolved to an acted drama of surreal reality. Short REAL life videos are probably the only reason why I say yes to modern technology. Me myself and I has a very bad memory. I can remember the image of the event or a place but I would not be able to tell why and how the actual events have happened.
Thats why I started writing again. I hope it will go back to being a hobby that once already changed my life and turned me into 100% happy person.
Writing the book of your thougts may sound a bit chialdish,but to be honest,it actually helps to learn from your past. It helps to see the starting point. And then it grows into a memory,and then after a year shows how far you are from there where you started. So thumbs up for writing,painting,reading and other artistical brain activity that helps us to stay who we are,not what society wants us to be. Thumbs up for youth and creation. Thumbs up for exploring and learning. As long as we keep it real and dont have to lie ourselves about the emotions we are going through right now, creation is something worth loving and living.
Enjoy your Mc'Donals mister Jair. Whos gonna take care of you after im leaving Wagamama? Huh? :) x

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