2016 m. balandžio 11 d., pirmadienis

In between

Last time, now, tomorrow.... Again and again, in between the decisions that can change the whole thing that you are at the moment. There is no tomorrow and there is no past. Its like, you suppose to choose who you gonna become just over a small breath take in the rain when you get lost in the so called old town of Vilnius.
And there you go again, wake up in the morning, kill the alarm, brush your teeth and run for the future that does not exist yet. Who you gonna be? What you gonna do? Why it does or doesn't make you happy? These scrappy silly questions falls out of the sky like falling stars and they don't leave you alone until you die.
They gave you a list of contrived things that you can do in life and they expect you to follow. They told you to choose who you gonna be. And how can you choose when you cant even control weather around you? Others say that you create your future by picking the small stones on your way to retirement. It sounds as reasonable as putting wet socks in winter. Because when you pick all these thing,one by one, you only get one chance and and you only get one road. And in the end there is no right or wrong.
Your home is where your heart is. And what, if your heart is given peace by peace to the people around you? Should you keep it for yourself and never share? Because it does sound unfair to give other people to choose what you gonna do with your home and your heart in it. So u make that stupid move and ask them to choose. Because not every decision makes other people happy both ways.

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