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A Chance To Try To Understand

If You Could Only Give Yourself A Chance To Try To Understand

(Rough-copy of my brain)

Coution: Read with a funny voice, but take it seriously.

Do you have an opinion? Ofcourse you do. But have it ever occured to you, that when you have one opinion about something, you close the door to all other options in your life. And its mostly about choices you make. Starting with wether you like or dislike carrots in your soup and ending with judgement of grater things, like other people life. Their choices from your perspective. Judging and making conflict situations where there might be another way of living life.
It all starts from the first day of your life.
So you are here, the one who came from your mother and father,to this damaged and corrupted world, that nobody actually knows where it came from. Congratulations! Its going to be a pile of challenge!
Your loving parents shows you their world. They teach you about the world they see in their eyes. They love you, and cherish you, spoil and judge, by the perspective that in their opinion is right. So you learn, as they did learn, from their parents and grandparents, and world history that is given to simple mortals, as we are. etc etc etc. You get yourself into a bubble. You want it-or not (Doesn't matter how full of freedom your childhood was)-your in a bubble.
There is loads of bubbles in this world. Close your eyes and imagine it. Every single person is growing their bubble, with the seeds of tradition, history, moral stuff, religion, small joys and sufferings, future perspectives. Congrats, u were born to adapt! U were born to fit in! U were born to serve! And in the end u were born to live. But your life is as narrow as your bubble. And its only up to you how u are going to expand its walls.

So lets go back to the opinions. As u live daily, there is not much time to actually consider having more than one. Doesn't it feel , that all your life was drawn by people around you? U went to school, learned the so called "real facts" about this world, got your diploma and ran up the stairs of your career (or not). Doesn't really matter. The point is, that you are judged and pushed to the point where you are now. And for some, you are a great and successful person, as for others, Your'r a looser, because they did things better, or as they think so. Of course , there is some, who doesn't really judge, if u did any great in your path, usually they are called the good people. They are called the ones who has their own bubbles, that doesn't require snakes in their garden. They support you, they listen, they share, until one day they break from all the other bubbles attack and start doubting why the fuck would anyone ever do this, and if there is another way to survive? Then they either run and hide, or stay and fight. They usually end up alone. Because they have another opinion and perspective of everything. Sorry, not sorry. No happily ever after here.
So that's how opinions is inculcated into most of you. By the surrounding that surrounds you, u pick up peaces and slowly put them around you, creating like a great peace of art, thats called a personality. Its all built from your opinions, that helped to make choices, that helps to create just another surrounding for future generations. Yay!
But who else if not you, gonna kick some of these great walls that are built for you to suffocate. Every day you run and do your chores. U take small breaks from your life that are given to you, as a great gift that you deserved for all the amazing job that you did in a place where your bubble put you in. You take just enough time, so that you wouldn't get too attached to life without the walls build around you. And don't worry, u will never get too stuck into your freedom, because there is a reminder, its called money! And money likes to remind about itself when they run out.
And daaaamn, it sounds soooo sad and negative. But that's the truth that I see. So if you read till here, carry on.
So its all just another option created by opinions, how you gonna choose to see the world. And you definitely don't have to agree with me. What's right for one person, might be totally wrong for masses. And vice versa. The whole point of this "article" is not entirely as negative as it might sounded so far.
One more time about opinions that leads you to options:
The only way to expand and color your bubble, is through knowledge. Its not only about knowing the facts, its about understanding the situation. Its about seeing it in different perspective. Learning from your mistakes. Creating the personality that belongs to you, without others putting you in a strange position. Its about accepting who you are, without shame and regret of your dreams and choices in life. Its about being brave to feel all the good and bad that happens to you, and the ones around you, without old traditions and believes that breaks your freedom.
So give yourself a chance to try and understand the importance of yourself in this world. You might not be a leader, you might not be a prince or a queen. (They're all just titles created by humans anyway, to create all the other humans that will follow the lead.) But in reality-only You are the one who builds your path. You have a right to say no , when its wrong. You have a right to change your life when your not happy. You must understand that there is always an option for every situation. U don't have to run straight down the hill , just because its "a right thing to do".
Step on a sidewalk.
Turn left.
Watch and see things, that you thought does not belong for you to see.
We all have a choice. And we all have a chance. Open your mind for a possibility to go away from everything that slows you down. May the force be with you.

Written by just another person who had to get sick to actually do something that he likes.

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